Termeh Moquette services in diffrent industries

Geotextiles and Filtration
produce quality products with staple Termeh fibers

Thanks to years of experience, accurate quality control, and high-quality raw material, Termeh Company produces short fibers suitable for geotextile layers, moquette, purification filters, etc., which are offered as 40, 64, 75, 90, and 120 mm fibers. Due to their high-quality Termeh fibers, are exported to different countries . Saeta Equina is Termeh’s subbrand in fibeer field ,you can for more information.




Civil and Structural Engineering
A safer structure with Termeh short concrete fibers



Using accurate quality control, professional staff, up-to-date knowledge, and high-quality raw materials, Termeh Company produces high-quality 6, 12 and 18 mm polypropylene fibers. These fibers are made of 100% pure and virgin polypropylene without any impurities. Unlike polyester, this product is highly resistant to alkaline and acidic substances. Polypropylene fibers are very effective and efficient in preventing micro-cracks, increased tensile strength, abrasion resistance, and better fire and heat resistance. To strengthen the concrete with fibers, one kilogram of fibers must be added per cubic meter of concrete. Shorter-sized fibers are also used to prevent cracks in plaster. Due to their high-quality Termeh fibers, are exported to different countries . Saeta Equina is Termeh’s subbrand in fibeer field . for more information see


Automotive Industry

Clothes that Fit Your Car!



Termeh company can produce all types of car-felt products, including the highest-quality roof felt, floor felt, and polypropylene fibers. There are no restrictions on the color choice of the above products. You can contact Termeh Company’s sales office for further information and cooperation.


Interior Design
Interior Design with Thousand-color Velvets

Termeh Company offers attractive and flamboyant wallcovering that enables you to inspirit your home, kindergarten, workplace, and wherever it is important to you. These products are made using digital printing technology and have no restrictions on design and color. Due to its sound and heat insulation and soft and velvety texture, Termeh wallcovering is very helpful in enriching the environment and solving problems related to heat and noise. In addition, due to its Nano structure, Termeh wallcovering protects against dust and dirt, and you can truly enjoy its remarkable beauty.


Machine-made Carpet

BCF yarn: Colorful and Durable


Termeh Moquette Company has launched its BCF machine-made carpet yarn production line since 1994. Ever since, utilizing professional machinery and efficient personnel, it has been producing and marketing high-quality yarns with a great variety of colors. BCF yarns are made of 100% virgin polypropylene and high-quality additive oils.


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