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Termeh Moquette Company is a production, research, and industrial company that was established in 1984, producing various types of felt floor mat. In 1994, the company installed and operated the BCF machine-made carpet fiber product line. Termeh Moquette Company continued its development as a leading company and in 2004, began producing polypropylene fiber. In 2018, after launching the digital print product-line, the way was paved for the production of innovative and diverse products. In 2019, as a sub-brand of Termeh Moquette Company, Termeh Kids was established, producing products for children. Now children’s gaiety and vitality have revitalized Termeh Company. This company is currently one of the largest production companies in Iran, which has been able to enter the global markets.

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Termeh Company’s felt wall covering is an innovative and unique product. By applying some changes and removing minor defects in the felt layers using nanotechnology, Termeh Company offered a new product as “felt wall covering” to the market, which can be used both to beautify the environment and act as suitable insulation against sound and heat. Magnificent texture and attractive designs of Termeh felt wall coverings are very efficient in enriching the environment.

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Moquette is not merely a floor mat, rather it is cloth. If you consider it as cloth, you get to know its features and further use its benefits. In fact, you purchase a dress for the floor in your desired location. There is nothing more pleasant than touching a warm, cloud-like carpet with your bare feet. Choosing the right moquette for interior and exterior design will revive an environment, and the variety of designs and colors will delight its residents. Different types of moquettes and mats in Termeh Company will help you achieve this goal.

  • Diverse
  • Economical
  • Soft & safe
  • Insulating
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