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Concrete Fiber

Termeh Concrete fiber

The Termeh Moquette Factory were established the polypropylene fibers production line in 2004 aiming to produce high quality fibers. The 100% pure and virgin and quality granule have resulted in production of fibers to the satisfaction of the users inside the country and export to other countries. All products of our company are supplied with a technical document sheet (TDS) and technical consultancy, and safety and health sheet (MSDS).

Termeh concrete fiber

Increased concrete stroke resistance


Increased concrete corrosive resistance


Resistance against freezing


Resistance against alkaloids and chemicals and chloride


Preventing concrete small cracks




Increased flexibility and resistance of concrete against expulsion

Termeh concrete fiber
6-mm fiber
  • Suitable to remove small cracks in plaster and thin mortars.
  • Colored or colorless in wall coverings and semi-solid colors, as interior design of building
Termeh concrete fiber
12-mm fibers
  • Suitable for ready and pre-fabricated concrete and strengthening and preventing cracks
  • Use in flooring and industrial floors to increase abrasive resistance of the structure
Termeh concrete fiber
18-mm fibers
  • Used in interim ceilings
  • Used to increase concrete stroke resistance
  • Appropriate for industrial flooring and increasing abrasive resistance.

staple geotextile fibers

Staple Fibers

Termeh Staple fibers

Staple fibers or spinning of Termeh Moquette are made from 100% pure polypropylene for specific uses with the best additives and virgin raw materials. These fibers are supplied in different colors and with technical specifications to supply the needs of customer. Fibers are disposable in sizes 64 mm, 75 mm, 90 mm, and 120 mm.

Termeh geotextile fibers
  • A very soft surface with high spinning ability
  • Resistance against erosion and abrasion
  • Good color durability
  • Lacking heavy metals
  • Acid and alkaloid resistant
  • Antioxidant
  • Water resistant


Term staple fibers are appropriate for geotextile leyers.They have conformity with ISO 8124-3: 2010 (E0) and BS6920 (2000) standards and lacking heavy metals.

Filter and Spinning

Termeh Fibers enjoy high spinning due to using appropriate and first grade additives as they are devoid of any harmful chemicals and that is why these fibers are suitable options for desalination and treatment filters.

Child related products

Term Fibers are appropriate for children products because of conformity with ISO 8124-3: 2010 (E0) and BS6920 (2000) standards and lacking heavy metals.

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Due to their high-quality Termeh  fibers,  are exported to different countries. Saeta Equina brand is one of the sub-brands of Termeh Moquette that is active in fibers field.  For more information see
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