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Frequently asked questions



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  1. What is the minimum and maximum fiber denier produced? The minimum denier is 1.5 and the maximum is 40.
  2. What fiber sizes can I order? All multiplications of 6 mm and 64 mm, 75 mm, 90 mm, and 120 mm cuts.
  3. What is the minimum order for inherently-colored and colored fibers? 500 kg for inherently-colored fibers and 4 tons (4000 kg) for colored fibers.
  4. What is the color variation for fiber orders? The color variation is unlimited, but the minimum tonnage must be observed for orders, which is about 4000 kg.
  5. How to order fibers? After acquiring information about the up-to-date price of fibers, the volume of the requested order is declared and the respective pro forma invoice is obtained and the money is deposited accordingly and the order is delivered.
  6. What are the applications of polypropylene fibers? These fibers are used in 6 mm, 12 mm, and 18 mm cutters in concrete and plaster to prevent micro-cracks and cracking and improve the quality of concrete and plaster. These fibers are also used in thread production, which is widely used in the industry. Another application of these fibers is in the production of geotextile layers, which includes a wide range.
  7. What are the physical and chemical properties of the polypropylene fibers produced by Termeh Moquettes Company? The company’s fibers are made of pure polypropylene granules, and German additives are used in the production process, which ultimately affects the quality of the final product. This quality can be distinctly seen in the concrete fiber opening in the truck mixer. It is also worth noting that these fibers are entirely hydrophobic and do not affect the moisture content of the concrete mix design and are not unwanted variables in the fiber-production process.
  8. What is the purity of the fibers produced by Termeh Moquettes Company? These fibers are 100% polypropylene.
  9. Why does the price of polypropylene fibers vary? Granules are used to produce fibers, and this material has price fluctuations in the raw material market, and ultimately the price of fibers varies. Fiber price changes are directly related to the price of granules.
  10. What are the conditions for selling Termeh Company fibers? Due to the large fluctuations in the raw materials of these products, they are sold in cash.
  11. Where are the fibers delivered from Termeh Moquettes Company? This fiber is delivered at Termeh Moquettes Company. In other words, the shipping cost is borne by the customer.
  12. How much does the concrete fiber packaging weigh? Concrete fibers are offered in 20 kg packages.
  13. How much does the staple fiber packaging for thread and geotextile production weigh? Staple fibers and geotextile fibers are packaged in bundles and weigh about 250 kg each.
  14. How to request a sample? To receive a sample, the form on the website must be filled in and submitted.

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